Physical copy of the brand new L.B.O.L album including an exclusive bonus track and a 24 page full color booklet complete with lyrics and original art work. Digital download included!

About the album:

"It's the little bit of light we need in this pickle of a world we find ourselves in right now."


"Essentially, a current day musical Beanie Baby."


"L.B.O.L is a soundtrack that looks forward to consistently brighter days and yearns to be blasted from an open car window."

Including features from Landon Wordswell, Blaise B, and Carl Roe, and production from Tope, Shag, Thaddeus Gincig, HDK, MP. Mixed by Carl Roe, mastered by D-Sane. Limited release with Nosenss Records.

L.B.O.L (CD)


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